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Up until now I have PASSIONATELY protected this program and all the rights to sell it.

Thus, I have never before allowed the rights to be sold.

Until now.

FOR TWO MORE DAYS you can register for the rights to train others to open their own schools.

With ALL the resources, bonuses and materials I offer my students. BUT AS YOUR OWN SEPARATE SCHOOL.

There is almost nothing a coach wants more than an avenue to bring their business to the next level and the Open your Own Academy program allows them that opportunity.

Call me today. Let me answer any questions you have. 321.505.0710. Or text me. Or email me.

Questions I Have Been Asked

Would I be part of IICS?

No. You would run this program under your company, making all the decisions and keeping all the profits.

Do I have to train others online?

You can train others to open their own schools online, in person, by webinar, seminar or by phone.

How long until I can get started?


Do I get a sales copy?

Yes! And you can change it to fit what you want to offer and add payment links and start registering students.

When would my training start?


Are the materials my students learn editable?

Yes. You can modify them how you want, change the business and logo information and even re-record any audios.


What Would My Curriculum Look Like

This is the outline of the lessons you would be teaching others. REMEMBER you get pages and pages of more materials besides these lessons. All of them editable.

Lesson 1 – Understanding Your Options

  • Business Basics
  • School Setup
  • Program Packaging and Distribution Options
  • Website Setup
  • Sales Strategies
  • Registering Students
  • Training Students
  • Materials License
  • Commonly Used Program and Coaching Vernacular You Need To Teach Your Students
  • Most In Demand Coaching Niche Programs
  • Newest  Niche  Programs
  • Secrets to Success
  • How to Plan Your Week For Success
  • The 3 Parts to Planning  Your Week For The Coach Trainer and Business Owner

Lesson 2 – All About The Lessons You Can Use to Train Others As Coaches 

Lessons 3 – Opening in Under 30 Days and Creating A Specialized Program

  • Steps to Opening in Under 30 Days
  • Coaching Programs You Can Offer
  • What is a niche program? (A niche program is a program such as a relationship coach program or spiritual coaching program for example.)
  • Personal Coaching or Business Coaching
  • Why create a niche program?
  • What are some possible/suggested niche programs?
  • What are some final tips when it comes to starting a niche program?
  • Creating Your Own Resources Using With PLR Materials or Without
  • How to Create Resources On Your Own Without PLR Materials
  • Top Resource Ideas
  • 10 Step Creating Process When Creating Resources From Scratch
  • Article: When Life Gets Me Down: Coping With Stress

Lesson 4 – Putting Your Program Together 

  • Your Checklist
  • Putting Your Program Together
  • How do I extend the material?
  • Your Last Graduation Requirement: Teaching Two Classes
  • Optional Certification: Master Life Coach Trainer
  • A Bonus Resource
  • Questions, Questions, Questions

Lesson 5 – Instruction Method Options

  • Creating a Home Study Version
  • How to Certify Students in a Niche Area
  • How to Get Your Program ICF Approved
  • Approval
  • Accrediting
  • Niche Program Options
  • Troubleshooting
  • Is a webinar considered live?
  • Can I say that the IICS approves of my coaching program?
  • How do I mention the ICF on my website?
  • Can I use your niche program materials when creating a  program?
  • If I just  wanted to teach a life coaching  program, do the hours count ICF hours?
  • How to Create a Niche Program
  • Pulling It All Together
  • How To Create A Relationship Coach Program (Example on how to use the materials to create a niche program of your choice.)

Resources To Assist You When Creating  Your Program

– Checklist

– Creating an Irresistible Coaching Program Worksheet

– Planning Calendar

Lesson 6 –Setting Up Your Website To Register Students

  • Website Sales Copy Template
  • Article:  Make Your Sales Copy Sell
  • 7 tricks to writing copy that brings in business.
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Bland to Brilliant: 50 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Students

Lesson 7 – Creating an Irresistible Program and Becoming an Awesome Coach Trainer

  • Checklist
  • Graduating
  • General Trainer Information
  • Keeping Track of Student Attendance
  • Checking Attendance During Tele-Classes
  • Conducting Roll Call
  • ICF Coaching Hours
  • Additional Trainer Tips
  • Increasing Class Participation by Asking Questions
  • Roll-Playing
  • Your Student’s  Final Exam
  • Trainer  FAQ
  • How do I become a competent trainer?
  • What are the most common questions my students will ask me?
  • Common new coach question#1:How much do coaches earn? (RESPONSE GIVEN)
  • Common new  coach question#2: How long will my training take? (RESPONSE GIVEN)
  • Common new coach question#3: Will I be ICF accredited after I complete your program? (RESPONSE GIVEN)
  • Common new coach question#4: How long will it take me to build up enough of a practice that I can leave my day job? (RESPONSE GIVEN)
  • Common new coach question #5: How long is the average coaching session? (RESPONSE GIVEN)
  • Common new coach question #6: How do I accept payment from clients? (RESPONSE GIVEN)
  • Common new coach question #7: Do coaches need insurance? (RESPONSE GIVEN)

But I don't have $700 today

It is cheaper if you pay the one time fee of $747.00 today. You do save in the long run. (And just signing up one student can make this money back for you!)

But we do have other options, including

5 monthly instalments of $217.00

3 monthly instalments of $317.00


To pay the one time payment of $747.00

5 Monthly Instalments of $217.00

3 Monthly Instalments of $317.00


In less then 4 days these ONE TIME OWNERSHIP rates will rise.

Do not wait. Choose a payment plan and start setting up your school.

Your school will be approved by IICS and you will have the documentation to prove it.