Certification Information

I Want To Be A Master Certified Coach. What Are My Options?

MCC is currently the highest designation in the coaching profession.

You have two ways to go about becoming an MCC.

Option 1: Apply to the ICF and hope to gain your certification through them. This will involve at least 800 client contact coaching hours plus training hours plus two letters from other MCC coaches and so on. For more information on this method please contact the ICF.

Option 2: Take either the Certified Life Coach Program or the Open Your Own Academy Program (your choice) and then you will be able to also begin your MCC studies at the same time, through the Become a Master Certified Coach Program. It will take approximately 6 weeks of study and completing the assignments to become an MCC. Upon successful completion you will be an accredited Master Certified Coach. 

How Long Are My Certifications Good For?

Any certifications or licenses earned through IICS are valid FOR LIFE. No renewals are required.

Home Study

When Studying, Who Do I Contact For Help?

At anytime you can contact your mentor coach. This is the coach who works personally with you to ensure your success. They will help you create a business plan, marketing plan, website plan and answer your coaching questions. After all, they are a coach!

Where Are My Certifications Valid?

No matter where you travel, visit or coach from you will still be certified through IICS. This means if you put on a seminar in another state or country (think European vacation!) or you have clients there you will still a certified coach.

ICF and Live Classes

How Do I Earn ICF Hours?

ICF hours are earned by taking any program LIVE. This means by phone, by web or in person.  Upon completion of a live program, you will be given a transcript for use with the ICF.

How Long Are My ICF Hours Good For?

ICF hours that have been earned through your training are good for two years only. This is ICF policy, not ours. This means after the two year mark if you will have to retake your live training.

When Do You Offer Live Classes?

Any person who registers for the home study has the option to upgrade AT NO COST to live phone or web classes when offered.

Please note that LIVE classes are only scheduled once a year.  However, the classes are recorded thus even home study are gaining all the live instruction benefits.

Payments and Registration

Do I Get Access To Everything, Even On A Payment Plan?

Yes, whether you pay in full or are on a payment plan you get access to everything (materials, bonuses, lessons) immediately.

Where Are Tuition Prices Located?

Tuition prices and payment options can be found on each program page AT THE BOTTOM.

For example, if you head to Open Your Own Academy Program page, located at the bottom of the page is the ONE TIME costs associated with this program.

What Is The Benefit To Paying In Full?

Paying in full allows you to pay a discounted amount.

After I Register, How Long Until I Can Begin?

As soon as you make your first payment you are considered registered. You can begin within 24 hours of that.

All the tools, lessons, bonuses and materials are accessible online and can be accessed on ANY device.

Where Are My Materials Located?

All of your materials are located online.  Within 24 hours of registering you can access them on any cell phone, tablet or computer. You can download and save any of the materials, lessons and bonuses you find useful. There is no limit.

Which Programs Are Home Study?

All the programs we offer are currently home study.