Coaching School Website Package

Only one spot left! This means that at this time we only have room to take on one more client with the goal of creating their website.

Get Your Website Up And Running In Less Then 4 Weeks

Start Taking Payments From Clients Online - Right From Your Website

If you need assistance and are feeling stuck getting your website finished, this web page is for you.

If you want graphics for your website and your work, keep reading below.

All graphic designs such as eBook or lesson covers or website headers are done on demand and are ORIGINAL to the purchaser. No copies and no “one size fits all” will be created. (This means no one will have one like yours.)

Let me and my team of graphic designers build a website for you.
What is included:
I can Set Up a Customized Page and eBook Cover (see sample below) For Each Program You Have (up to 5 programs)
eBook cover sample. One for each program.
For example, if you have a life coaching program, relationship program, career coach program, I will setup a separate page for each on your website that includes a professional PayPal payment logo, satisfaction guaranteed logo, suggestion of bonuses for registering and a custom jpeg for each and every program offered that you can use on the website and in the course work you offer as well (it’s actually called an eBook cover).
PayPal Buttons on Website
I will add the PayPal buttons for you. (Its easy, but time consuming.) I can add monthly payment links and one time payment links.
Paypal Graphic and Buttons Installed
Additional Professional Pages For Your Website
Additional pages for about us, contact us (includes contact us forms and social media links), refund policies, testimonials.
A Custom Header
A custom header will also be created, using your logo.
The website will resemble this one in style. It will be very similar except with your unique info and graphics.
Mobile and PC Access
I will set up a mobile page for you. So that when people on their phone access they will get a phone accessible menu. And yet when on their computer they can access that way using a computer site.
I will set up a top menu (similar to the one on this page) and show you how to change menu options and create new menus.
Login Button
I will create a login button as well for your students and attach it to each PRIVATE and PASSWORD PROTECTED program study page (you will have to add the notes and lessons though but I will show you how, it is very simple).
Password Protected Pages
I would create as many password protected pages needed for your school. This includes pages for an online student center and one for each separate program they can access. You would choose the passwords.
Accrediting Info
I will create an Accredited Page with information about ICF for potential students and information about who accredits you and what your school accreditation consists of. This includes program / school accrediting logos. Such as the one below.
Website Instruction
I will walk you step by step through how to change ANY CONTENT and add materials to your website. We can do this by phone (when we are both looking at your website) or by email.
Learn how to EASILY create unlimited blog posts and pages. This way your content stays relevant and search engines begin to log your website and move it up in search engines.
The page titles, content feature words and meta tags will all be created to help gain you a leg up in search engine rankings. (You do not need to know what this means, only that I will do it for your site for each main page and program page I add.)
I will also (as a bonus at no additional cost) create you a jpeg to give all your graduates that they can put on their website that has your company logo and that they graduated from your school, thus sending them back to your site. Sample below. YOUR STUDENTS WOULD LOVE TO RECEIVE THIS UPON GRADUATING FROM YOUR PROGRAM.


Receive this full size graphic for your website. This lets potential students know ALL the benefits to studying with you.

More Details
Understand that EACH program page will take at least 1 to 2 hours to create as I have to add the PayPal links as well (the links will go directly to your PayPal account). The main page will take 3 to 4 hours at least as I have to get the graphics, menu and heading and pages done.

Plus getting the mobile menu and site set up will take time.

I believe it will take about 4 weeks to complete the project as the first two weeks the graphics are created. So the sooner we start the sooner you can start registering.

You will have 3 reviews and requests for revision. So you can look when completed and I can make changes. Again, keep in mind it will look similar to mine so I can make only minor changes. You will be able to change the text of the pages anytime, and menus and delete anything you do not want.

Website Name

You can use any company that allows you to have a WordPress site. These include GoDaddy, Homestead, HostGator an there are many others. Just sign up for their BASIC package and I can take care of getting you set up.


My expenses for customized graphics: $265.00 +

My fee for website setp: $647.00

Total: $912.00

Discount: Save over $75.00 IF YOU ARE THE FIRST 3 TO REGISTER


3 Monthly Payments of $237.00

One Time Payment of $747.00

“Let me help you get your business up and running! Any questions? Text, email or phone me personally at 321 505 0710. I will be happy to speak with you.”

Coach Mackenzie Pearce