You’ve Been Coaching Others For Years. Now Let’s Make Some Money Doing It.

Life Coach Training

What stops clients from goal attainment? (Hint: It’s not that they don’t want it bad enough.)

How do you give your advice to clients, without telling them what to do? (It’s almost instinct for people to close their ears when hearing advice, but there is a certain way to give advice that people will hear.)

Learn many, many items of use when you take the Life Coach Program. You will also be certified in over 4 areas of your choice upon completion.

Open Your Own Coach Training School

This program includes all our life coaching lessons and coaching business start-up materials which are all 100% EDITABLE. This means you can add your name, business information and format them however you choose.

About IICS

Mackenzie has been a coach since 2002. She is a military wife who travels the USA with her husband, son and brilliant step son.

Please reach out to her with any questions you have about coaching or training others as coaches. She would love to speak with you!

Mackenzie has a Bachelors of Arts (focus psychology), a diploma in the psychology of sales and has received training from the Internet Marketing Center (IMC).

IICS has gone through many changes in the last decade. It started in the early 2000s as a Canadian company called the Coaching Academy of North America (CANA). In early 2014 we made the move to the United States where we had to change our name to the International Institute of Coaching Studies (IICS).

Since the beginning we have prided ourselves on helping coaching students make their dreams come true. We give each and every student personal coaching attention and help to guide them through the completion of their studies and beyond. This means we help them design a plan for their life, business, seminars and websites.


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Essential Elements of Success

  • Education
  • Drive
  • Passion
  • Experienced Mentor
  • Defined Goals
  • Support Network
  • Productive Habits